考研英语 难句突破 300句

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考研英语 难句突破 300

2006 Part A Text 1

There is “the democratizing uniformity of dress and discourse, and the casualness and absence of deference” characteristic of popular culture.

【译文】 (美国社会出现)服饰和话语趋于平民化的一致,随意和尊重的缺失,这正是通俗文化的特点。

【析句】注意句子的表语是引号中的句子成分,表语实际是三个内容:the democratizing uniformitythe casualnessabsence of deference。形容词短语(characteristic of popular culture)是表语的后置定语。对此句的理解在很大程度上取决于对单词的理解。


uniformity意为相同,一致Since then, the nation has sought uniformity in education to expand opportunities to all students.(自那时起,国家就致力于向所有的学生提供相同的教育机会。)This procedure has produced gratifying results in achieving uniformity in recommendations and decisions.(这一程序统一了建议和决定,效果令人满意。)



deference意为顺从,尊重In deference to my friend and colleague Dr. Brundtland, I won(i)t show those slides at this symposium.(为了表示对我的朋友和同事布伦特兰博士的尊重,我就不在这次研讨会上播放那些幻灯片。)Out of deference to Grandma, the father neglected to tell her that he had become a Christian.(出于对奶奶的尊重,父亲没有告诉她自己已经信了基督教。)

Rodriguez notes that children in remote villages around the world are fans of superstars like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Garth Brooks, yet “some Americans fear that immigrants living within the United States remain somehow immune to the nation’s assimilative power.”


【析句】句子的结构非常明了,但是要知道immune to这个词组的意思。

【讲词】note意为注意, 记录, 作笔记,表示口头或书面表达他所注意到的事件或观点,因而有时可以译成指出,写到,注意到,说等。He noted that many issues had been discussed at the conference.(他说会上讨论了许多议题。)

immune意为免疫的;免除的;豁免的The criminal was told he would be immune from punishment if he helped the police.(罪犯被告知,如果他协助警方就可以免受惩罚。)Small businesses started by the unemployed urban dwellers are immune from taxes for a certain period of time.(城市失业人员做小生意可以享受一定时间的免税待遇。)The operation of the company will be immune to any outside interference.(公司的运营不会受外界的干扰。)

Are there divisive issues and pockets of seething anger in America? Indeed. It is big enough to have a bit of everything. But particularly when viewed against America’s turbulent past, today’s social indices hardly suggest a dark and deteriorating social environment.



【讲词】divisive意为区分的,分裂的divisive issues意为分裂社会的问题


seething意为火热的, 沸腾的,例如:a seething revolutionary struggle(火热的革命斗争),a seething flood(滚滚的洪水)。seething anger意为极度的愤怒

to be viewed against意为对着……观察;与……相比;鉴于The complete design becomes visible when viewed against the light. (如果对着光,整个设计就一目了然。)Viewed against his family background, he must have worked hard to become what he is today.(鉴于他的家庭背景,他一定非常努力才有了今日的成就。)These goals must now be viewed against the backdrop of the terrorist threat to our nation.(对这些目标的认识必须要考虑到恐怖主义对国家的威胁这一背景。)

2006 Part A Text 2

And there are the townsfolk who largely live off the tourists who come, not to see the plays, but to look at Anne Hathaway’s Cottage, Shakespeare’s birthplace and the other sights.


【析句】定语从句(who largely live off the tourists)是修饰the townsfolk,而定语从句(


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