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Today I’ve come back to Hong Kong to stand before you,and account for myself,I’ve never escaped away from my responsibility.

  During the past few weeks,I’ve been with my mother,and my family,and love ones,to show

  support and care,and at the same time have their support and care for me.

  I admit most of the photos being circulated on the Internet weretaken by me,but these photos were very private,and have not been shownto people,and were never intended to be shown to anyone.

  Their photos were stolen from me illegally,and distributedwithout my consent.There is no doubt whoever obtained these photos hadbeen uploading them on the Internet with malicious and deliberateintent.

  This matter has intercalated to the extend that the society as awhole has been effected by this,and in this regard,I am deeply sad init.

  I would like now to apologise to all the people for all thesuffering that has been caused and the problems that have arisen fromthis.

  I would like to apologies to all the ladies and to all theirfamilies,for any harm or hurt that they’ve been feeling,I’m sorry.Iwould like to also apologies to my mother and my father,for the painand suffering that I cost them during these past few weeks.Mostimportantly,I would like to say sorry to all the people in Hong Kong,Igive my apology sincerely to you all,and reservedly it be,and with myheart.I know young people in Hong Kong look up to many figures in oursociety,and in this regard,I had failed,I had failed as a rolemodel.However,I wish this matter would teach everyone a lesson,to allthe young people in our community,let this be a lesson for you all,thisis not an example to be set for you.

During my time away,I’ve made an important decision,I willwholeheartedly fulfill all commitments that I have to date,but afterthat,I’ve decided to step away from the Hong Kong entertainmentindustry,I’ve decided to do this to give myself an opportunity to healmyself and to search my soul.I will delicate my time to charity andcommunity work within the next few months,I will be away from Hong Kongentertainment indefinitely,there is no time refrain.

  I’ve be assisting to the police since the first day that thephotos were published,and I will continue to assist them,after thispress conf.,our obligations to help their investgation,and hope thatthis case can end soon,as everyone I think has the same wish.

  I would like to use this opportunity to thank the police fortheir hard work on this case.Thank you.I believe everyone’s prioritynow,my priority now,is to stop suffering the pain,for not letting this,we do not want to let this situation to be more out of control,we needto protect all the innocents and all the young for matters like this.Inthis regard,I’ve been instructing my lawyers to do everything possiblewithin the law to protect all the innocent victims in this case.

  I believe that the press today that been issued as we speak are what my lawyers had advised me to do.

  Lastly,I would like to thank everyone for coming here today,andlistening to what I have to say.I would like to also apologies onceagain to all the ladies and their families,my family,and to everyone inHong Kong,and everyone in our society.I’m deeply in sad by this,and Iapologies to everyone that had to go through this.I would like to alsothank you for giving me this opportunity to say what I wanna to say allalong in my heart.I hope after today,I can have your forgiveness.Withregard to this case,with everything,everything that had happened,I’mdeeply sorry.

  I hope you all would accept my apology,and give me a chance.Thank you.











Today I have come back to Hong Kong to stand before you and account for myself. I have never escaped from my responsibility. During the past few weeks, I have been with my mother and my family and my loved ones to show support and care and at the same time to have them support and care for me.

核心词汇解析 account for 1) 说明,解释;2) 占…比例 escape from从…逃脱, 推卸责任

escape=es(ex=out) + cape(catch) I admit that most of the photos being circulated on the Internet were taken by me. But these photos are very private and have not been shown to people and are never intended to be shown to anyone. These photos were stolen from me illegally and distributed without my consent.


核心词汇解析 circulate = circul(circle圆圈) + ate v.循环,流通

单词组记: 核心词根tend-:拉,伸 intend, intent, intention, contend, distend, extend, expand,intense, intensive, extensive intend = in + tend [助记] 往心里去伸, 引申为想去做... intend to do sth v.打算去做... 辨析: intent, intention intent[法律]犯罪意图intention[生活]目的,打算


小翻译: 他的帮助是出与善意. His help is well-intentioned. ill-intentioned a. 恶意的 contend = con(together) + tend(拉, 伸) [助记]共同来拉,想想拔河比赛 vi.竞争, 比赛 tend to 倾向于… tendency n.倾向,趋势 [助记]拉的方向 distend = dis(away) + tend [助记]向四周拉开 v.膨胀 辨析: extend, expand extend = ex(out) + tend [助记] 伸出去vt. (直线) 延伸(包括时间和空间) expand = ex (out) + pand(胖的) [助记] 膨胀出去vt.(全方位的)膨胀= distend; (商业)扩张 panda 熊猫 [谐音]胖的

小翻译: 气球膨胀The balloon expands. 小翻译: 由于暴风雪, 学校把我们的假期延长了四天。 Because of the snow-storm, the university extended our holiday by four days.


辨析:intensive, extensiveintensive a. 集中的extensive a. 广泛的 小翻译: 精读与泛读intensive reading and extensive reading 小翻译: 造鞋业是劳动密集型产业Shoes-manufacturing is a labor-intensive industry. 辨析: intensive, intense intensive a. 强调集中, 频率高 intense a. (程度)强烈的, 激烈的 intense heat 酷热


小翻译: 骨折造成了他剧烈的疼痛The fracture caused him intense pain


illegal = il(not) + legal (合法的) + ly adv.违法地 单词组记: distribute, contribute, attribute, tribute distribute = dis(away)+ tribute(give) = give away vt.分发,传播 contribute = con(fully) + tribute vt.贡献; 投稿 [助记]全部都给了 attribute to v.归因于 tribute n.贡品,颂词 [助记] 给国王的礼物 单词组记:consent, dissent, resent, sentimental consent = con(共同)+ sent(=sense情感) n.赞同,同意=agreement dissent = dis(not) + sent n.不同意 [助记]不同的情感 = disagreement resent = re(against) + sent v.憎恨 [助记] 相对抗的情感= hate resentment = resent+ment(名词) = hatred n. 憎恨 consensus = con(共同)+ sens(情感) + us(我们) n.一致意见; 舆论 [助记]我们有共同的情感和想法 sentimental[谐音]三屉馒头,失恋了只吃三屉馒头,所以是---a.多愁善感的


There is no doubt whoever obtained these photos have them uploaded on the Internet with malicious and deliberate intent. This matter has deteriorated to the extent that society as a whole has been affected by this. In this regard, I am deeply saddened. I would like now to apologize to all the people for all the suffering that has been caused and the problems that have arisen from this. I would like to apologize to all the ladies and to all their families for any harm or hurt that they have been feeling. I am sorry. I would like to also apologize to my mother and my father for the pain and suffering I have caused them during the past few weeks. Most importantly, I would like to say sorry to all the people of Hong Kong. I give my apology sincerely to you all, unreservedly and with my heart.


核心词汇解析 upload = up + load vt.上传(图片, 文件等) download = down + load vt.下载(图片,文件等) 单词组记: mal-=bad坏 malice = mal + ice(冰) n.恶意;【律】预谋, 蓄意 [助记]在路上放一块冰,想让陈冠希滑倒,这是有预谋的恶意伤害。

malicious= malice(恶意) + ious(形容词) a.恶意的 mal-function n.功能紊乱 mal-nutrition n.营养不良 maltreat = mal + treat(对待) vt.虐待

单词组记: libra天平, deliberate, liberate, liberty, libertine, libido 一直到现在,英国的法院门口还站立着古希腊象征法律精神的正义女神(DICE)的雕像,她左手拿着神圣的天平Libra,象征着权衡和平等;右手拿着宝剑,象征着裁决和力量;眼睛被布蒙着,象征绝对的公正无私。

deliberate = de(强调) + libera(=libra) + ate a. 深思熟虑的, 故意的 [助记] 把你的想法放在天平上称量,引申为权衡,深思熟虑的,深思熟虑的结果当然是故意的 liberate = liber (自由=libera)+ ate vt.解放(让人民获得自由) 自由和天平有什么关系呢? 天平的主要作用就是要让两边重量相等,平等。解放全人类不就是让人民平等吗?人民解放军PLA:People’s Liberation Army liberation的职责就是解放全中国让中国人民平等自由 liberty n.自由

libertine = liber + tine 这个单词叫"浪荡子",原来就是“特别自由的人”的意思,” 挺(tin)自由(liber)的”

 libido = lib(解放) + i(我) + do(做) [助记]我想做解放自己的事情 弗洛伊德的<<梦的解析>>里面,他造出一个表示“性动力”的单词libido(力比多),表达的就是要解放人的性欲望.

单词组记:deteriorate,interior, exterior, territory deteriorate = de(down) + terior(土地) +ate(动词) v.使恶化; 败坏(风俗); 使变坏(品质等) [助记] 品格败坏的人就应该入土活埋。 interior = in(into) + terior(土地) a.内部的,国内的 interior design 室内设计专业 exterior = ex (out)+ terior(土地) a.外部的,国外的 territory = territ(=terior)+ ory(地方) n.版图,疆土 to the extent 到了….程度 in this regard 在这一点上 = in this case 单词组记: 神奇的-en可以把形容词名词变为你想要的动词 sadden = sad + d + en vt.使人悲哀 strengthen = strength(strong的名词) + en vt.加强(力量) weaken = weak + en vt.削弱 lengthen = length(long的名词) + en vt.延长 shorten = short + en vt.缩短 tighten = tight + en vt.拉紧 loosen = loose + en vt.放松 还有一个超级牛的单词前后都加en enlighten= en + light + en vt.启蒙;(用思想)照亮 apology [谐音] 啊跑了鸡。把邻居家的鸡放跑了, 当然要---n.道歉,认错 apologize = apolog + ize(动词) vi.道歉 常用搭配:apologize to sb. for sth.为了某件事情而向某人道歉 unreservedly = un + reserved(保留的) + ly(副词) adv.毫无保留地


I know young people in Hong Kong look up to many figures in our society. And in this regard, I have failed. I failed as a role model. However, I wish this matter will teach everyone a lesson. To all the young people in our community, let this be a lesson for you all. This is not an example to be set for you.


核心词汇解析 look up to 仰望,尊重= respect look down upon/on 鄙视,瞧不起= despise role model 榜样


During my time away, I have made an important decision. I will whole-heartedly fulfill all commitments that I have to date. But after that, I decided to step away from the Hong Kong entertainment industry. I have decided to do this to give myself an opportunity to heal myself and to search my soul. I will dedicate my time to charity and community work within the next few months. I will be away from Hong Kong entertainment industry indefinitely. There is no time frame.


核心词汇解析 whole-heartedly 全心全意地; single-mindedly一心一意地 fulfill one(i)s commitment vt.履行…的诺言 entertainment industry 娱乐业 health =heal(恢复健康) +th(名词) heal (v.治愈,恢复) 是health的反向构词 dedicate to 把...奉献给,投身于... charity = char(=care关心)+ ity(名词) n.慈善,慈善事业 [助记]关心穷人就是做慈善


I have been assisting the police since the first day the photos were published and I will continue to assist them. After this press con., I have obligation to help them with their investigation and hope that this case can end soon as everyone I think has the same wish.


核心词汇解析 assist = as(to) + sist(stand) vt.(站在一旁来) 协助 press con. = press conference 新闻发布会 press free. = press freedom 言论自由 press 是“压”的意思,怎么会变成“新闻”,“言论”呢? 因为最初的报纸都是油墨印刷,需要把纸紧紧的压在刻版上才能印刷出字来.所以press有了一个引申意:n.出版业,印刷业. 出版印刷业不就是发布新闻和言论的阵地吗? obligation n.义务 investigation n.调查 = invest(投资,投入) + gate(门) + ion(名词)[助记]警察投入了这么多人力物力, 当然要把"艳照门"当然要调查清楚拉.


I would like to use this opportunity to thank the police for their hard work on this case. Thank you. I believe everyone’s priority now (and) my priority now is to stop the suffering and pain, for not letting this…we do not want to let this situation become more out of control. We need to protect all the innocents and all the young from matters like this. In this regard, I have instructed my lawyers to do everything possible within the law to protect all the innocents, victims of this case. I believe that a press statement is being issued as we speak on what my lawyers have advised me to do.

核心词汇解析 单词组记:prior to, priority pri = pre是一个拉丁前缀表示before

[书面]prior to = [口语]before 小翻译 : 在你离开之前,请完成这项工作.prior to your departure, please complete this task. 小翻译: 预先警告/通知 prior warning/notice. priority = prior + ity(名词) n.优先考虑的事情, 优先权


单词组忆: victor, victory, victim vict中的V象征着胜利,vict-表示征服 victory n.胜利 victor =vict + or(人) n.胜利者, 征服者 victim = vict + im(我是) [助记]我是被征服了,当然就成了n.受害人,牺牲品 innocent = in + no + cent(一分钱) [助忆]兜里没有一分钱, 所以没有偷窃, 是无辜的 a. 无辜的, 天真的 instruct = in + struct(构造) vt.传授,告知 [助记]内心中去构建知识或信息

Lastly, I would like to thank everyone for coming here today and listening to what I have to say. I would like to also apologize once again to all the ladies and their families, my family and to everyone in Hong Kong and everyone in our society. I am deeply saddened by this. And I apologize to everyone (who) has to go through this. I would like to also thank you for giving me this opportunity to say what I have wanted to say all along in my heart. I hope, after today, I can have your forgiveness. With regard to this case, with everything, everything that has happened, I am deeply sorry. I hope you all accept my apology and give me a chance. Thank you.

[书]with regard to关于= [口]about




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