• Deep Web and Next-Gen Onion Services

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     What is the Deep Web?The simplest definition for the deep web I can come up with  is “It is any and all content which is unindexed, and can...

  • National identity

    National identity
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    National identity is a person's identity or sense of belonging to one state or to one nation.[1][2] It is the sense of a nation as...

  • Religion in the Philippines

    Religion in the Philippines
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        Religion in the Philippines   A Christian shrine in the Philippines (lyng883/Flickr)   by Jack Miller The P...

  • Greek religion

    Greek religion
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     religious beliefs and practices of the ancient Hellenes. Greek religion is not the same as Greek mythology, which is concerned with traditional...

  • 英语话春节:年味十足的传统习俗

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    2014 Spring Festival falls on January 31. The holiday in China starts from January 31 to February 6, 2014. It is the Year of the Horse according...

  • Confucius

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    The Confucius Cultural Week at UNESCO is a unique opportunity in France to understand Confucian culture.   One of the greatest figures in Chinese h...

  • 'Take Me Home, Country Road'

     'Take Me Home, Country Road'
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    侧耳倾听 歌曲情况   《Take Me Home, Country Roads(中文译名<乡村路带我回家>)》是由约翰·丹佛(John Denver)创作并演唱的著名乡村歌曲。   约翰·丹佛(John ...

  • 日本名胜

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  • 英语文学资源网站

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    http://www.pacificnet.net/~johnr/aesop    Aesop Fables[ENG] - 伊索寓言的联机版本。        http://www.literature.org/Works   ...

  • 日语单词学习:平时比较难翻译出的短语

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    【网络综合 - 日语等级考试指南】:   挖耳屎      耳かきする・耳掃除する   抄近路      近道をする・近道を行く   闯红灯      信号無視する   放音乐     音楽をかける   挤时间 ...

  • 日文经典故事简介

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    紹介  落窪物語  平安朝の物語の中で、飛鳥が一番好きなのは、この『落窪物語』です。 いわゆる、日本版シンデレラ、の物語。 落窪物語は、四巻の物語です。現代語訳は、前半部分の主人公の恋とそのスリルの面白さを紹介しているものがほとんどですね。それだけでも充分楽しい読み物なんですが...

  • 日语经典语句

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    おはようございます 早上好 こんにちは 你好(白天问候语) こんばんは 晚上好 お休(やす)みなさい 晚安 ありがとう 谢谢 すみません 对不起 こちらこそ 哪里,是您…. 表谦虚 不,应该是我….才对(《日语、你好》第一课有…...

  • The Stolen Child

    The Stolen Child
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    【内容概要】   “七岁那年,我被淹死,而他占有了我所有的一切,包括我的身份和记忆。而后,我复活……”    一个平凡夏夜,负气的男孩离家出走,被蛰居在森林里的仙灵绑架。假扮他的仙灵随着前来寻人的消防队员回家,从此一边隐藏自己的真实身份,...

  • 日语音标巧记

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  • if I were a gril

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    If I were a girl Kind and cute girl I’d become a bird A lovely bird Fly into yo...

  • i were a boy

    i were a boy
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    if i were a boy even just for a day  i’d roll out of bed in the ...

  • Love and Marriage爱情和婚姻

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    Love and Marriage Love is holding hands in the street Marriage is holding arguments in the street Love is dinner for two in your favorite restaurant...

  • Mercury Rising (A Visualization)

    Mercury Rising (A Visualization)
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    Mercury Rising (A Visualization)      by Jena Osman   Q...

  • 陈冠希记者会材料及翻译原文

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    Today I’ve come back to Hong Kong to stand before you,and account for myself,I’ve&nb...

  • Crimean War

    Crimean War
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      Detail of Franz Roubaud’s panoramic painting The Siege of Sevastopol (1904).t Conflict over the Holy Land The chain of events leading to...

  • 南丁格尔简传

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     Florence was born in 1820sintosa wealthy, English family who were, at the time of her birth living in Florence, Italy. She and her sister had a...

  • 议论文十大功能段落示例

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    议论文十大功能段落示例 1.     现象引入段 It is commonly said that one’s first impression of a&n...

  • 2007年研究生入学考试英语试题及答案

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    Section I  Use of English Directions: Read the following text. Choose the best word(...

  • 足球常用英语集锦

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    足球常用英语集锦   football, soccer, Association football 足球    field, pitch 足球场   midfied 中场   kick-off circle&...

  • Smallpox

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       Child showing rash due to smallpox variola major virus This article deals with a disease. For the...